ghrr: GitHub Hosted R Repository



This ghrr (for "GitHub Hosted R Repository") uses drat for both insertion of packages, and usage from R.

Current Content

Please see here for packages currently in the ghrr repo.

Usage: Drat Setup

Simply install the drat CRAN package the usual way via install.packages("drat", repos="").

Add one line to your .Rprofile file (or to

That's it! Now use install.packages() or update.packages() and the ghrr will be considered just like the standard repositories for R.

Usage: Alternative

If you just want to install a package, or update once, you can also add the repo on the fly. For example,
install.packages("Rcpp", repos="")
would install Rcpp from the ghrr repo (assuming a version is installed. And
update.packages(lib="/usr/local/lib/R/site-library/", repos="")
would update packages in the given library location relative to ghrr.


You can learn more about drat from the vignettes Drat for Package Users and Drat for Package Authors.